Growing up in Lynbrook, Joshua Parsons always had a passion for running. Physical fitness was important to him then, as it is now. To help keep himself in shape – and to join with like-minded police officers or any member of the law enforcement profession, whether retired or active – Parsons started a Running Club two years ago with help from the PBA. The Running Club now boasts more than 150 members from the SCPD, the Sheriff’s department and different villages on Long Island. Parsons considers fitness an important aspect of being able to do his job well. He has been a member of the Suffolk County Police Department for seven years, and started prior to that as a Nassau County Police Department paramedic in 2008. He now works in Huntington’s 2 nd Precinct as both a Patrol Officer and as part of the MedCat Team, carrying all the paramedic supplies in his car so if there is an accident, he responds to assist because of his paramedic background. The Running Club is a particularly active group. Some of the races they have recently participated in are the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run, the Long Island Police Appreciation Run, the Nassau County Police Department’s Police Officer Memorial Run, the Lt. Michael Murphy 4-Mile Run Around The Lake, the Marcum Workplace Challenge, and the Suffolk County Marathon. Parsons expects to continue this rigorous running schedule to help him keep healthy. Physical fitness is important in the police force, since “we end up sitting in police cars for many hours,” says Parsons “It’s a great way for us to stay active and fit.” The experience also serves as a bonding one for the participants. “The camaraderie is important, within the SCPD and with other agen-
cies,” he says. “We have a lot of experiences in common, and it’s great to be together, before, during and after.”