IMG_9457On any given day, the members of Long Island’s Law Enforcement community are confronted with situations wherein their actions are the difference between life and death; on March 25–after only three weeks in the field–two Probation Officer Trainees (POT), Aaron Ferretti and Britney Grasman, experienced that first-hand. After stopping for a quick lunch at a local bagel store, POT Ferretti and Grasman noticed three people outside, with one of them clearly struggling and leaning against the building. As Ferretti and Grasman walked over to offer assistance, the situation became more alarming as the distressed person was lowered to the ground by his companions. Grasman immediately radioed the Police Department for rescue assistance, while Ferretti assessed the medical situation – the individual was now foaming at the mouth, had a weak pulse, and was cyanotic. Immediately recognizing the signs of a drug overdose, Grasman retrieved her Narcan Kit from their field bag and gave it to Ferretti, who quickly administered it and placed the individual in the recovery position until Suffolk County Police Rescue arrived. Thankfully, the person at risk of dying from an overdose was responsive as he was placed into the ambulance.

Despite their limited field experience, Ferretti and Grasman’s situation analysis and quick response saved a young man’s life on March 25, proving their training invaluable.

Suffolk County Probation Officers are a vital member of the Long Island Law Enforcement team. They are Peace Officers with dual responsibilities for public safety and rehabilitation. With approximately 244 Pro- bation Officers (PO) in Suffolk County, PO’s service the community in a number of ways, including supervising 9,200 offenders in the community, for both felony and misdemea- nor convictions. The PO’s of Suffolk County often work closely with drug addicts and are frequently part of their rehabilitation process; they are trained to respond to a multitude of situations.

We are grateful to Suffolk County Probation Officer Trainees Ferretti and Grasman for their quick, life-sav- ing actions and thank all the Suffolk County Probation Officers for their work to make our communities safer.