Officer John McCauley responded to a call from a woman in labor. After arriving on the scene, McCauley helped the woman deliver her infant. Although the delivery was a success, he had difficulty locating the newborn’s pulse. McCauley responded quickly, utilizing expert medical knowledge to resuscitate the newborn. Officer McCauley then rode with the mother and her infant in the ambulance, continuing care.

“3/30/2014…[Officer McCauley’s]quick response and medical knowledge assisted in saving the life of a newborn who was not breathing on his own. His exceptional effort should be recognized.”

After apprehending a young male for recreational drug abuse and resulting criminal activities, Officer Anthony Passarella and Detectives handled the situation with compassion and care. After taking him into custody, they kept close communication with the young man’s family and ultimately facilitated treatment in a rehabilitation program.

“1/7/2015…Their compassion and professionalism that morning made a very trying experience more bearable…they are an asset to your department and to our community and should be commended for their dedication.”

Detective Bradley Lanser was assigned to investigate the repeated disappearance of an elderly couple’s belongings. Living with dementia, the two desired to remain in their own home with the help of four caregivers. After discovering that two of the caregivers had been pawning their belongings, Lanser apprehended the suspects, bringing a sense of security to the couple and their loved ones.

“4/18/2014…Impressed by his meticulous, in-charge, calm and thoughtful demeanor; I feel that my parent’s case was in the best of hands.”

A Northport man and his wife have been continually assisted by the officers of the Second Precinct. After being attacked by a virus, the man became paraplegic and was prone to falling, unable to stand on his own or with the help of his wife. Officers of the Second Precinct responded to the couple’s “lift assist” calls regularly and diligently, ensuring the safety of this man and a sense of security for his wife. 

“12/1/2014…We are so very grateful for the STRONG officers who have been here countless times over the past 6 months. They have come in the middle of the night and during the day, and always with the most pleasant, helpful dispositions.”

A woman was hospitalized after losing consciousness during the recent carbon monoxide tragedy at Legal Seafood. Once in stable condition, she spoke with Detective Phillip Frendo, mentioning that she had left her purse at the scene of the incident. Detective Frendo revisited the scene to retrieve the purse, and returned to the hospital only hours later to deliver it to her personally.

“2/2/2014…That small act of kindness and professionalism meant a great deal to my daughter and to our family, and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Detective Frendo.”

After an accident snapped the chair and dislodged the ventilator of a handicapped man, Officers Phil Kufahl and McCarthy responded promptly. The Officers safely extradited the man from his van, manually pushing him to the exit. To ensure his comfort and safety, the Officers helped him into his home and assisted in raising and guiding the man to his bed.

“1/28/2014…They provided a safety line, diffusing a potentially dangerous situation into a routine call for help. They gave me security and peace of mind. They gave me assistance to return back to normal. The cost to them was only a few minutes of their time. The benefit to me was priceless.”