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Two friends decided to go out fishing on their day off as they have done many times before. This time however, they were fishing off a jetty at Crab Meadow Beach and became caught in a strong, outgoing tidal current that pulled them away from shore. It was Thursday afternoon, September 21st, and we were feeling the residual effects of hurricanes such as Irma and Harvey. Thankfully someone called 911 as they witnessed the two men being pulled away from the shore and struggling for safety.  Carlos Jeronimo and Wilfredo Belc were at least 300 yards from shore when Marine Bureau Officers, Keith Walters and Cory Kim, showed up to rescue them aboard Marine Bravo. “All in a days work” for the Marine Bureau Officers, who were assisted by Northport Police Officers, Officer Stephen Kerekes (first on scene), Officer Gregory Cerar, Sgt. Jon-Todd Herfurth, Lt. Michael Cook as well as Officers from the Second Precinct, Officer Michael Caponi, Officer Daniel Denig, Officer Richard Murphy, Officer Joseph Reilly, Officer Paul Weibke. Jeronimo who is 26, and Belc, 27, both live in Jamaica, Queens. They were transported by Northport Fire Department to Huntington Hospital and so grateful to the Marine Bureau for their quick response to the 911 call, in essence, saving their lives. Thank you Officers Walters and Kim for your incredibly responsive call to the RESCUE!!!