Good afternoon Commissioner,

Officer Grenia (622224/310) pulled me over on Feb 24@ ~2:00 am to alert me that the passenger headlight on my SUV was out. It was middle of the night, there were hardly any cars out, and I was driving alone when he stopped me. Sensing my total surprise, he quickly calmed me down by striking up a light hearted conversation and explaining about the ticket I was about to receive.

He was extremely polite and pleasant. I felt very safe in his presence, well informed about the proper course of action, and respected by him as a young lady driving alone at night. He took the extra few minutes to assist me with checking if any of my other indicators were out and if my high beams were functional. That allowed me to see which bulb I had to replace.

At Officer Grenia’s explicit instructions, I had the bulb replaced within the 24 hour window, received the affidavit of repaired equipment defects, and have mailed off the paperwork. NO FINE! The love and support of Officer Grenia was also noticed from his fellow officers because when I came in to present my repair documentation/ticket, the assisting officer Johanne Antoine and another one present at the desk who engaged my son in a friendly way, began to speak highly of him. I chimed in with my recount of the night to which they responded, “that sounds just like him”.

Job well done Officer Grenia! Thank you for your service to my community, for being well respected by your fellow officers, and for the kindness you showed me.

Notable mention to Officer Johanne Antoine (5966/310/4) for quickly processing my papers, clarifying Officer Grenia’s name for (couldn’t read it on the ticket), and for being pleasant at the desk. Definitely made the 5 minutes I spent within the Precinct doors time well spent.


A grateful resident of Suffolk County


Dear Commissioner Sini,

I would like to commend a 2nd Precinct officer who came to my assistance yesterday. On the coldest day of the year, my car-parked at the Cold Spring Harbor train station-would not start. As I sat in the car, the officer suddenly pulled into the parking lot, noticed that the hood was up, pulled right over to me and without saying a word, got out, got his jumper cables and hooked them up. After a number of tries, the car still wouldn’t start. The officer was so incredibly patient-in that single-digit weather, he offered to stay with me and keep trying, or call a tow service for me or drive me home. After a few more tries, I was able to start the car and drive home.

I want you to know what an amazing officer you have working for you. He could not have been kinder or more helpful-he really went above and beyond to assist me in any way he could. All he cared about was my well -being. I don’t know the officer’s name, but his shield number 4573 and he was in Car 208 at about 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, February 14th.

Thank you very much.


An impressionable recipient of assistance received