Suffolk County PD Officer Joel Reines


Officer Joel Reines spent his entire career in the Fifth Precinct. For 25 of those 38 years, he had the unique opportunity to serve as a foot patrol officer in the hamlet of Sayville. Generations of families felt privileged and fortunate to live in an area that had such a special neighborhood officer, Joel Reines.  Many adults recall growing up, being scurried off a street corner or from behind the high school. And now, with kids of their own, there is a sense of comfort knowing that they are also being scurried off and watched after with the same stern, kind, but no-nonsense discipline. “He just shows up everywhere. You can compare how we feel about living in Sayville to watching Mayberry on TV” one resident told us. “Officer Joel added so much value and comfort to the quality of life in our not so small, waterfront town.” Officer Joel takes great pride helping to manage local issues, looking out for business owners and protecting the residents and the community at large. He would often post himself at local stores, where members of the community would go talk to him about their concerns. “He listened with the earnest desire and practical suggestions that really helped resolve issues,” said one business owner. Officer Joel would often stay in town late to make sure that the shops on Main Street closed up safe and sound. Acting Suffolk County Commissioner Stuart Cameron said “His empirical knowledge of each side street, main roadway or areas of concern, coupled with his direct communication with residents and business owners, allowed Officer Reines to prioritize crime prevention, deter vagrancy and make sure students were always going to school.” He went on to add that Officer Reines engaged and astute presence provided business owners and residents with the opportunity to address their concerns with him directly, “which he always handled with the ultimate professionalism” said Cameron.

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