The Suffolk County PBA members are dedicated to keeping our communities safe. They aggressively seek out and arrest people who break the law and pose a threat to society. A large part of their work is also focused on preventing crime before it happens and getting guns off the streets is an important part of their strategy.


This past October the Suffolk County Police Department held a gun buyback day at South Country Ambulance Company in East Patchogue. The program encourages residents to turn in guns in exchange for gift cards: $150 for assault weapons, $100 for handguns, $75 for rifles and shotguns, and $25 for nonworking or antique firearms.

October’s buyback day netted 161 guns — including four assault rifles, 80 handguns and 77 rifles or shotguns — from roughly 100 people.

In fact, the event was so successful that additional funds had to be raised from private sources that day to cover the costs as people continued to stream in with firearms to turn in.