We are delighted to feature Police Officer Arnold Reyes as our “Double Duty” officer. As you will read, “double duty” doesn’t quite cover Officer Reyes commitment to protecting and serving his community and country – perhaps we need to rename this article triple or quadruple duty for Officer Reyes!
As a Suffolk County Police Officer, Reyes has worked on patrol in the 5th Precinct for the last 15 years. In addition to his responsibilities as a patrol officer, he is a Medical Crisis Action Team officer (MEDCAT), a Critical Care Advanced Life Support provider, EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and a Rifle Patrolman. This means he is highly trained for medical emergencies and active shooter situations – and clearly an officer you want around when something goes bad.
In addition to his high-level of training, Officer Reyes’ commitment to people demonstrates the best of humanity. Just this past summer, Officer Reyes interrupted a mugging. The perpetrators fled the scene and Officer Reyes stayed with the 76-year old victim who had sustained substantial injuries. While in the hospital, the two struck up a friendship and Reyes learned of hardships the family was experiencing including not being able to replace his glasses that were broken during the assault. Reyes got the word out that someone needed help and was able to raise enough to buy the gentleman new glasses and give him a substantial donation to assist with the rest.

“I’ve had a lot of great things happen to me on this job but I consider the relationship with this gentleman and his family to be one of the most memorable and satisfying.”

And Reyes didn’t forget about the perpetrators. He found and arrested the suspects, which in turn resolved 16 previous robberies and gang related activities. Officer Reyes received two departmental awards for his commendable efforts. Reyes told us,

“ I am grateful for the award, however my friendship with the victim and his family was all the reward I needed. That and finding the perpetrators, because now the community is safer.”

imageOff the job, Reyes commitment to the community doesn’t stop. For over 25 years, Reyes has volunteered in ambulance corps and fire departments – spending the last 8 years with Company 7 in the Selden Fire Department.
In fact, one day Reyes was actually off-duty, but heard a call come in and knew he could make a difference so jumped back in his car and radioed that he was on his way.

“I knew that my extensive training and expertise could very possibly make a life saving difference to this person and their loved ones.”
“When I walked in to the woman’s house, the fire department was already working on her.” She had no pulse, she wasn’t breathing, and the firefighters had already tried the defibrillator three times without success.

A massive injection of epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline could restart the woman’s heart, but she didn’t have a pulse to pump the medication to her heart, Reyes explained. Her veins were also likely collapsed, so administering adrenaline intravenously (IV) was useless, he added.
“I knew immediately that I would have to go to the bone — literally.” So he reached for an intraosseous needle, which is actually a drill. The device allows emergency medical responders to penetrate bone and administer medication via the bone marrow, so it can circulate through the body.

IMG_0688 IMG_0683

Picking a spot on the woman’s leg below her kneecap, Reyes proceeded to drill into her tibia bone and administer the adrenaline.
The adrenaline was now on its way to the woman’s heart, and within three minutes she was breathing and her pulse had resumed.

Officer Reyes’ deep conviction to making the world a better place reaches far beyond his 15 years as a police officer. His life in service to his country started when he was just 17 years old. He began his career as an Operating Room Specialist in the Army Reserves and has spent 32 years in the military. During that time he transitioned into the NY Army National Guard and became an Infantryman. Reyes was activated immediately following the attacks on 9/11 and provided recovery and security operations at Ground Zero.

After his assignment ended at Ground Zero, Reyes was called to serve as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant with the renowned “Fighting 69th” and served two combat tours in Baghdad from 2004 to 2005. Presently, Reyes is the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for the 2nd Battalion 108th Infantry Regiment and the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat team.

It is difficult to understand the depth and breadth of these responsibilities and to comprehend that Officer Reyes also has time for his own family. Yes, Arnold Reyes is a devoted husband and father. He and his lovely wife have 2 teenage children who keep their parents very active with school related and social activities. Reyes acknowledges that he could not serve his country or his community without the loving support of his family and when we suggest that they must be so proud of him, he tells us, “ I am so proud of them”.

How fortunate we are to have Officer Arnold Reyes living and working in Suffolk County. His passion and dedication to helping others is truly remarkable. Reyes is a genuine hero and every person he meets is touched by his compassion and lifelong dedication to service. As we thank Officer Reyes for his time and his service, it is no surprise that he is humbled by our gratitude.

With admiration and great respect for a lifetime of service and duty to Suffolk County and the country, we thank you Officer Reyes!