In celebration of Asian American and
Pacific Islander Heritage Month (April), the Suffolk County Asian American Advisory Board is recognizing our very own Highway Patrol Officer, Tom Joy, as their 2017 Distinguished and Highly Accomplished Asian American Professional.

Officer Joy is not only an accomplished Suffolk county police officer, he is also a decorated veteran with 12-years active duty in the US Army and 8 years of reserve service.

56902D35-D5C4-4E79-96E3-836C57E4537DSuffolk County Police Officer Thomas Joy was born and raised in India. He came to the United States when he was just 17 years old and joined the Army immediately after graduating High School in Orangeburg, NY. 

Amongst Officer Joy’s many community contributions, he is co-founder of the Suffolk County Police Asian Jade Society, which recruits, retains, promotes, and encourages Asian-American involvement and support for law enforcement – as both a profession and as service to the community, including community-based crime prevention programs.

Officer Joy started his military as a generator mechanic, was transferred and promoted to Administrative Sergeant and is now the Commanding Sergeant Major for the 354 Movement Control Battalion.

“It is a privilege and an honor to serve in an executive leadership position in the Army.  Training and developing young men and women is so rewarding, although it is challenging to manage everything as you move up the ranks. ”  Officer Joy continued  “I oversee 150 soldiers and can relate first hand to their challenges. I also remind them however, about the rewards of service. I am so grateful to the United States and the SCPD for the many opportunities that are given to soldiers.”

After 11 years in the Army, Officer Joy transferred to the reserves and under the G.I. Bill was able to attend and graduate from Mercy College. He took the police test in various locations and joined the first police department that C813EA18-D03C-4F89-952A-674F52BF2A61called, the Westchester County Police Department. He soon transferred to the department in the City of Mount Vernon and after 3 years, the Suffolk County Police Department called. Officer Joy knew that this call was the opportunity of a lifetime and came to Long Island in 2010 to attend the Suffolk County Police Academy.

“Being a Suffolk County Police Officer is a dream job, it is one of the best departments in the nation, in a place where the standard of living and work ethics are outstanding. And the SCPD is so supportive of the military officers, they give us 30 days of paid leave when we are serving in the Army. Their support is invaluable.”

In addition to paid leave, the SCPD allows the soldiers unlimited unpaid leave so they can serve when needed.

500D8DEB-0B4C-4409-AA52-66893668D4BEOfficer Joy started with the SCPD working in the first precinct and was transferred to Highway Patrol in 2013. He loves Highway Patrol, “every day is different, for someone who has been all over the country it was important to me to have the run of county. As soon as I get off military duty I am going to school to learn how to operate our motorcycles.”

Officer Joy expressed his good fortune for being able to travel the world throughout his military service and during the 4 years that he was headquartered in Germany. He feels equally fortunate to call Suffolk County home, where he was able to buy a house with the help of VA loans. 

“Being part of the SCPD is one of the best parts of my long career in service.” 

We congratulate Officer Tom Joy on this well-deserved recognition along with sincere gratitude for your countless years of service to our country and our community.