No winter edition of a magazine would be complete without a DIY snowman column. So the writers of On Patrol have scoured available research to find the ideal snowman making instructions and have combined from several sources what we think are the best tips on making your very own Frosty.

Ideal Temperature: Through this intense search, we learned that temperature has a big impact on the success of snowman building. Too warm and the snow is too wet and will not have the strength to hold together. Too cold and the snow is too powdery and dry to make a snowball. The ideal temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ideal Building Base: There should be at least 2 inches of wet snow used as the foundation.

Ideal Proportions: According to our research the “ideal snowman” is 6 feet in height with a base of 3-feet, a torso of 2-feet, and a head of 1-foot.

Best Technique For Making Frosty’s 3 Parts:

  1. Take a handful of snow and shape it into a ball. Pack the ball with snow until it’s too large for you to hold in your hands.
  1. Roll the ball across the lawn away from you. As you do this, your ball will gain girth. Continue rolling the ball across the lawn being sure to change directions to make a ball (and not a sphere) until you have reached the desired size for the base of your snowman. This is your first ball and should be the largest as it will serve as the base for your snowman.
  1. Repeat steps 1-2, twice. Your second ball should be a bit smaller and will serve for as the torso. Your third ball will be slightly smaller the torso and serve as the head.
  1. Stack your snowballs from largest to smallest. Use a shovel to lift the torso and head in place. Pack additional snow between the balls to help hold them together.