April 25, 2016
Dear Commissioner,

I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks to Officers Tarolli and Flatley of the Suffolk County Marine Bureau.

My troubles began yesterday when a friend of mine purchased his first sailboat and decided the best mode of delivering the vessel to his house in Remsenburg was to sail it from Sayville. There were a few issues with this plan; for example, he is not the most experienced sailor and he had not sufficiently planned his route beforehand. Accordingly, and possibly predictably, a series of events led to his spanking new purchase pinned against one of pylons of Smith Point Bridge.

I am so immensely grateful to the officers named above for their coolness and efficiency in extricating us from a sticky situation, and even more grateful for them towing us all the way to a marina and likely saving us from another debacle at the hands of our captain. Throughout the experience, Tarolli and Flatley were friendly and professional, and I can only hope that if I am ever in another crisis I will receive the same treatment from the responding officers.

Thanks are also due to your Department for organizing a quick response and for fostering this sort of conduct in your ranks.

Best, Matthew