An elderly woman’s house alarm went off very late one evening. Officer Nasta responded to the call while, in the meantime, the woman sought refuge and safety at her neighbor’s home. After checking the house for clearance, no intruders and no evidence of attempts to enter, the Officer went next door to assure her that no one had entered the house. The Officer was patient and kind as he took her back to the house and went through the entire house, room by room, until she was comfortable and felt safe.

1/01/2015 “For a 73-year-old widow with multiple illnesses, it was very comforting to know that our police officers are so polite and helpful.”

During the early hours of April 1, 2014, Officer Denis O’Connor responded to a motor vehicle accident. A fire began to consume the car, and Officer O’Connor disregarded his own safety in order to rescue the young man, who was trapped inside the vehicle. Officer O’Connor saved that young man’s life that night and, thankfully, he was unharmed as well.

4/04/2014 Agratefulmomwrote“Wereitnotforhiscalmandcollected actions and his ability to direct others, there would have been little likelihood that my son would have survived.”

After a woman and her family were left stranded with a flat tire on the side of the Long Island Expressway, Officer Thomas noticed the car trouble and pulled over to lend his assistance. He offered to change the tire, and the family was safely on the road again in a matter of minutes.

8/16/2014 “IwillalwayskeepinmindthewordsfromOfficerThomaswhenhe told me that his job is to serve, and we can always call to ask for their help.”

After a young man suffered from a massive heart attack, police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the call was made for police assistance. With the help of the officers, notification was made to Southside Hospital that they would be arriving shortly. As a result, Southside had a cardiac team waiting, and the victim is now on the road to recovery.

11/26/2014 “IfitwerenotforthegreathelpoftheSuffolkCountyPolice Department, our son would have died that night.”