Dear Officers of the lst Precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department

In my youth, :-) , I lived on Fulton Street. 780 Fulton Street to be exact. When I was 5 years old, which would have been in 1964 or so, I was hit by a car on Fulton Street in Farmingdale.  Where I was hit was very close to where I lived.I had been downtown and was returning home, and was crossing the street at the intersection where the Shell Gas Station and the Diner used to be. I don’t know if those businesses are still there.  As I recall learning later, the car was speeding and going through a red light, and generally breaking a lot of traffic laws.

I remember that I was laying there on the ground, I was afraid to open my eyes because I could feel the blood on my face. The officer kept saying “Open Your Eyes”, and kept asking me to say my name and address and phone number, which I had dutifully remembered and repeated out loud. My mother had MS, and I recall every time I recited my information I would say “ and be careful when you tell my mother because she has M.S. “

Eventually I opened my eyes and was brought to the hospital where my mother was able to meet me, and I had no serious injuries. I don’t know the name of the officer, and he is most likely long gone or quite up in his years.  But I wanted to thank him, and since I probably can’t thank him I wanted to thank all of you who are the first on the scene of an accident, who provide that first contact when people are hit by cars. Often  the outcome is not a good one. I was fortunate. All those years after I still remember that officer trying to keep me alive, making sure I didn’t lose consciousness, and waiting with me until the ambulance came. Thank you. Thank all of you for your effort. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely and With Gratitude,