SBC_4708The Suffolk County Police Department’s Ceremonial Unit performs a variety of functions as requested by the Department including: Police Funerals, Recruit Graduations, Police Memorials, Promotion Ceremonies, Award Ceremonies, and Color Guards. Within the Ceremonial Unit are specialties including Honor Guard, Color Guard, Pallbearer, and Rifle Team. The unit is diverse and is comprised of both male and female officers and supervisors assigned to the Police Academy Bureau.

SBC_4763The pomp and circumstance associated with the Ceremo- nial Unit is impressive. The coordination required for the Unit to move in unison takes extensive practice and coordi- nation – whether a Color Guard or the Rifle Team, working together and knowing the timing is vital to their success.
Dressing for the occasion is also an essential component to the Ceremonial Unit and not surprisingly their uniforms have distinguishing features that include Columbia Blue striping on both the Class “A” blouse sleeves and outside seams of the Class “A” trousers. A Columbia Blue braided loop is worn on one shoulder. A high gloss Sam Browne leather duty belt is worn with accessory items to include a holster, handcuff case, and double magazine pouch. The Sam Browne Belt is further secured by an over-the-shoulder leather strap.

We had the chance to talk to one of the members of the Ceremonial Unit, Officer Ron Ross. Officer Ross works in the Police Academy Recruit Training Section and emphasized the value he places on the Ceremonial Unit‘s work, especially when an officer passes away.

“When we lose an officer, we lose a member of our family. The Ceremonial Unit pays homage to a fallen officer’s life and service. Our presence is the ultimate show of respect for our fellow officer and hopefully also provides comfort for the family members.”

SBC_4678Each year at Suffolk County Police Headquarters the Police Department holds a memorial ceremony to honor members of the Department who have lost their lives while in the line of duty. The Ceremonial Unit plays a pivotal role during this memorial of remembrance. Through- out the memorial, a member of the Ceremonial Unit is stationed at one of the 22 memorial stones lining the front of Police Headquarters. Each stone identifies one of our fallen officers. The Rifle Team also contributes with a 21-gun salute in honor of their lives, service and ultimate sacrifice to the residents of Suffolk County.

This Unit’s work recognizes and symbolizes the men and women of the Suffolk County Police Department and their dedication to our community – putting our safety and quality of life before their own.